Discover 2 great woman winemakers from Easter Europe - from Hugary and Czech Republic.

Find in this box 1 Red, 1 White and 1 Orange natural wines.


  • Reka Koncz "In Return" 2019, Vásárosnamény Hungary
    Grapes: Grape Varieties: Rhine Riesling, Királyleányka
    Made by Annamária Réka. Since her childhood she has always developed a lively an immoderate curiosity and an incredible love for nature. Since the youngest age she wanted to work in the nature. She undertook agronomic studies and did a thesis on hybrid vines. Her first contact with natural wines was during her university years in Copenhagen where she made her fisrt wine. She then found a 3 hectares of old vines vineyard in the Barabas region, and start doing beautiful wines with a lovely acidity and a marked minerality that contrast a clean and elegant fruit. Annamária Réka Koncz is certainly one of the most promising young winemakers and a name to remeber.


  • Čačik "Frankovka" 2017,Moravia, Czech Republic
    Grape: Blaufränkisch


  • Čačik "Orange" 2017, Moravia, Czech Republic
    Grape: Grüner Veltliner
    Made by Zdena Cacik.
    Čačík winery was initially founded by Zdena’s late husband, Tomaš.
    In  2018, Zdena lost her husband Tomaš, leaving her with her two young daughters, Linda and Ema.  Zdena did not come from a winemakerfamily, but she assisted her husband, learning the art of winemaking over the years spent together. Now she is managing fully both vineyard and cellar. As her husband, she believes that minimal intervention winemaking (no chemicals, fertilizers,  filtration or added sulphites) is the only way to reflect the pure terroir expression, resulting in textured, mineral driven wines, deliciously unadulterated fresh fruit aromas with alway a bright acidity.

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