3 bottles made by Judith Beck.

Judith has a 15 hectare estate in Gols in the region of Burgenland in Austria on the warmest side of the Lake Neusied. She has been framing native Autrian gapes varieties biodynamically since 2007. Her wines are manualy harvested, spontaneously fermented in stainless vats with indigenous yeast only. She add little or no sulfites at all and don't do fining.
It is a great range of well made, easy drinking and authentic wines. And they are vegan too!


  • ROSÉ: Pink 2019
    Grapes variteties: Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch
    Tasting notes: Light, dry, refresh, vibrant, crunchy rosé with red fruits and violet notes.
  • WHITE: Weissburgunder 2019
    Grapes variteties: Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)
    Tasting notes: Quit dry and rich with a fresh acidity ant a taste of ripe peach and pears.
  • RED: Ink 2018
    Grapes variteties: Zweigelt, St. Laurent
    Tasting notes: Medium bodied, juicy, fresh, pronounced sour cherry with a spicy finish

Judith Beck 3 bottles box