Box of 6 bottles of natural and easy dringking wines to enjoy with our without you. Ideall to pair with seaonal BBQ!
Of course all the ine is organic, biodynamic or natural and made by woman winemaker or sometime by couples.


Find in this box:


  • Du rat... des Paquerettes 2017
    Domaine Causse Marines, Gaillac, France
    Duras | Virginie Maignien and Patrice Lescarret
    Certified Biodynamic, Vegan, Low sulphites
    Tasting Notes: Medium body, silky texture, ripe and fresh black berry fruits slightly spicy. 
  • Ink 2018

    Burgenland, Austria
    Zweigelt, St. Laurent | Judith Beck 
    Certified Organcic, Natural, Vegan, Low sulphites
    Tasting notes: Medium bodied, juicy, fresh, pronouncesour cherry with a spicy finish

  • Calcarius Nu Litr Rosso (1Litter ) 2019
    Puglia, Italy
    Negroamaro | Valentina Passalacqua
    Biodynamic, Natural, Organic, Unfiltered and unfined
    Tasting notes: Light body red with velvety tannins. Super juciy wine, load of black cherry and tangy raspberry with a hit of thyme and rosemary.

  • Cotes Du Jura 2018
    Domaine Chevassu-Fassenet, Jura, France

    Pinot Noir | Marie-Pierre Chavassu
    Natural, unfined and unfiltred.
    Tasting notes: Ligh body, fresh cherry juice, earthy, slightly fizzy.

  • Les Chatelliers 2017
    Doamine Richou, Anjou, Loire, France
    Gamay | Benedict Richou
    Certified Organic
    Tasting notes: Light body, cranberry and cherry, violets and black peper. Deliciously juicy fruity and mineral.

  • Twyfeling 2017
    Bosman Family Vineyards, Wellington, South Africa

    Cinsaut | Carla Bosman
    Organic and Fairtrade
    Tasting notes: Medium body, bright ruby colour, fresh red berries, prunes, strawberry with a hint kirsh and licorice. Definitly a modern South-African wine.

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