6 organic RED and conforting wines made by female winemaker or from vineyard owned by woman.


1 x 2016 Château Peyronat
14 hectares of vineyards in Blaye, Bordeaux, focusing on biodiversity and allowing natural expression of the terroir, which is based on clayey/calcareous soils. 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, treated with no chemicals, the grapes are hand-harvested and the wine is aged in stainless steel. Certified organic.

Made by Isabelle Montaut


1x 2012 Fleur de Fonplégade

For centuries, the vine rows of Château Fonplégade have been the source for some of Saint-Émilion’s most coveted grapes. Vines are grown in ideal limestone and clay soils and are nourished in drier years by the deep underground water source that feeds the fountain of Fonplégade. Vineyards are worked with organic practices combined with a meticulous hands-on approach to farming, with the average vine being over a quarter of a century in age.

Made by Denise and Stephen Adams


1x 2017 Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine de Rossignol-Trapet Côte de Nuits

Fully biodynamic, run by brothers Nicholas and David and Nicolas' wife, Florence Trapet. They keep raising the bar for sensational wine making.

Made by Florence, Nicolas and David Trapet


1x 2015 Ochoa Crianza 8A La Foto 1938

1x 2010 Ochoa Reserva

Situated in Olite, the wine capital of Navarra, Bodegas Ochoa is a family winery which strives to convey the spirit, passion and dedication of over 160 years of vineyard ownership in every bottle they produce. The Ochoa family has a long tradition of wine making, indeed Javier and now his daughter Adriana are both seen as pioneers for the Navarra region with several of their research projects resulting in improvements to the DO. With the utmost care in the vineyard and skilful winemaking, Bodegas Ochoa continues to set the standard for quality wines in the region with wines that rival some of the best in neighbouring Rioja.

Made by Adriana and Beatriz Ochoa


1x 2017 Bousquet Gaia 

The Bousquet family relocated to the foothills of the Andes from the South of France in 1997. Their aim was to bring together the traditional French winemaking practices along with the ideal agricultural conditions Mendoza had to offer. Based in Tupungato, the vineyard is at an altitude of 1200m. Along with being one of the highest vineyards in the world, the unique cool nights and constant breeze as well as very low rainfall, allows the production of ripe and well nurtured grapes producing quality wines. Organic certified.

Made by Anne Bousquet


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