About Lady of the Grapes

OUR aim

To ensure each and every customer has a delightful epicurean experience while supporting female winemakers. 

We see more and more women taking the lead and being in charge of vineyards, so let's shine a light on them within this industry traditionally male-dominated.

OUR DELICIOUS organic, biodynamic and NATURAL WINES

The complex and fascinating flavours of our wines are impossible to achieve via conventional wine-making methods.


Organic, biodynamic, minimal intervention viticulture ensures you taste only the grapes and terroir. Our wines contain no additives, low or no sulphites and indigenous yeasts only!

About 25 wines are available by glass and carafe (of which some fine wines are served with Coravin) and around 200 wines by bottle. Ask to our staff for recommendation.


We are devoted to authentic and simple food made from seasonal, artisan Ingredients.

Our Executive Chef, with a Michelin Star background, Eliott Buchet is creating, just to delight your taste buds, flavoursome recipes with a French twist.

You can order small plates (french tapas) or sharing boards and enjoy a menu complimented perfectly by our sommelier’s wine list.

OUR Wine shop wall

A wide selection of wines will give your own soirées that extra edge.


We are happy to recommend truly exquisite wines that will go perfectly with incredible food you will have at home.


We also sell takeaway patés, organic olive oil and other jars and tins for a great apéro!